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it's a pun

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Here's the follow-up story to the one about the high school kid who got arrested for a creative writing essay.

From http://www.firstamendmentcenter.org/news.aspx?id=18597:

Prosecutors drop charges against student author of violent essay

By The Associated Press

WOODSTOCK, Ill. — Prosecutors have dropped charges against a McHenry County high school senior who wrote a violent, profanity-laced creative-writing essay that disturbed his teacher.

Allen Lee, 18, had been charged with two misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct after writing the essay, in which the Cary-Grove High School student described dreaming about shooting people and having sex with dead bodies.

Police were right to investigate but authorities have determined that Lee is not a threat to himself or others, said McHenry County State's Attorney Louis Bianchi.

"The police were obligated under these circumstances to do whatever legally possible they could to ensure the safety of Mr. Lee, the students and the school," Bianchi told reporters after a May 23 hearing.

Prosecutors also considered the wishes of Lee's teacher, who did not want the case to go forward, Bianchi said.

"As prosecutors we have to consider the wishes of the victim as well as the likely result of what can be gained if the case were to proceed," he said in a statement.

On the assignment, students were instructed to be creative and not censor themselves. Lee said his essay was a compilation of song lyrics, movie quotes and video game references.

Lee's attorney, Dane Loizzo, said his client would be "ecstatic" to hear that McHenry County Judge Robert Beaderstadt had approved the prosecutors' request. Lee did not attend the hearing because he was taking a final exam, Loizzo said.

"It worked out well," he said. "I think that they reached the conclusion that we reached long ago, that he's not a threat."

Lee also can try again to enlist in the Marine Corps, Loizzo said. The Marines discharged Lee from an enlistment contract last month after he was charged.

School officials never suspended Lee, who attended off-campus classes for about a week. He now is back with the rest of the students, Loizzo said.

"This is the final piece that had to drop into the puzzle," Loizzo said.

Bianchi said he hoped Lee had learned from the experience.

"The freedom of speech must be tempered with the wisdom of knowing that it should not be used to infringe on another person's liberties," Bianchi said.
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An article about a highschool kid getting arrested for writing an essay.
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So everybody is talking about how nobody is talking about gun control. Politicians are politicians, the system can never change, courage of convictions, all that rot.

The thing that I don't hear everybody talking about is the reaction to what everybody seems to be talking about: namely, that this guy wrote some rather distressing stuff in a creative writing class, and they should have followed through on their inquiries.

I remember in high school, for my "Advanced" English class (before discovering Dr. Betsy Ballard, pbuh) we were given the task of writing a sonnet. I wrote one entitled "Heart Attack," which was about the last moment of a man's life after a spot of myocardial infarction. I well remember getting the assignment from the awful teacher I had, and the comments she had written in the margins: "Life is a beautiful thing! If ever you need to talk, I'm here for you." After that class, I walked past her desk and said simply, "It was fiction." I said it with an embarassed smile. Apologetic, even.

My heart is with Virginia Tech. Every much as my heart may should have been with the extreme right after the Oklahoma City Bombing, however, I feel inclined to say that one's beliefs are not a predictor of their actions. I was a brooding, black-wearing, Leonard-Cohen-listening kid in high school. Inasmuchas I don't want to say that those who believe that violent overthrow of the "leftist, fag-abidin', Jew-driven, Nigruh-lovin'" government should be denied expression, I want to say that a kid in high school who shows up to algebra with a swastika tattooed across his arm might deserve some special looking at.

But what of the boy who listens to Leonard Cohen, reads Byron, and pines after the unattainable girl...?

I mean, where does one draw the line? I would probably have fallen into the danger category I've seen some opinionists present. In Mrs. Eisenhardt's pre-Columbine, pre- Va-Tech perspective, I obviously did.

Thank goodness for Dr. Ballard.
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Originally a doodle on my Honors lecture notes. Redrawn, scanned, and spiffed up a bit in the photo editor for effect.


Hold me baby, and we'll boogie down.
We'll do the zombie boogie all 'round town.
Munch some brains, enjoy the sound.
We'll live on while the devil frowns.
Let's do the zombie boogie, baby.
Until we hear the ringing chime,
lets rot our flesh and lose our minds.
We'll boogie till the end of time.

By the way, how is everyone?
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Once upon a time
there was a class of crazies
Patrick Stewart love
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I just thought of an phrase today for the first time in months. I was at work and some woman and her husband were heckling each other. All of a sudden I just wanted to shout, "Cut the rebop!" It was definitely an AEGIS moment.
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I did just finish my 11-page (typeface: 10, font: arial narrow, not including addendums, works cited, and works consulted), and got the final page printed at 2:40 AM, and my computer did just mysteriously shut off.
Did Word auto recover it? Not really.

This is dumb.

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i've spent an hour celebrating three pages of successfully written first aegis research paper...
at this rate i'll be done in a year.
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Care to critique a really short story for me before 5pm tomorrow?

Or, you know, just read it?

Well then, here.Collapse )

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Hey, all...this is Anna from the lovely 2002-2004 (prest)Aegis class. ;) Just found this accidentally, actually. Anyway, I hope everything is fine with all you graduates and that you're continuing to get into all kinds of crazy shenanigans.
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